Crepundia Amigurumi Riana Shahid

About Crepundia

Crepundia Amigurumi ( my first Etsy shop) seeks to offer cute handmade creations, most of which are crocheted. Crepundia houses unique, one-of-a-kind crafts that will make the perfect gifts for your friends and family. My handmade items can serve as toys for young children or as home decor or keepsakes for teens and adults. People of all ages can find something here!

Crepundia is based in New York City but serves customers on an international level. By focusing on quality, creativity, and excellent customer service, Crepundia Amigurumi will distinguish itself from competitors.

Rianas Custom Art Riana Shahid

About RianasCustomArt

RianasCustomArt is my second Etsy shop. I opened it for all my handmade crafts that don’t quite fit in Crepundia.

Support both the arts and small businesses by checking out my shops. Message me for custom orders.