Looking Ahead: Spring Semester

Spring semester at nyu -leo tolstoy quote

Knowing that the semester is almost over gives me feelings of hope that few things can match. And as much as I hate dealing with the final assignments and exams that mark the end of the semester, I love thinking of the next one to come.

Next semester

Introduction to Web Design

Everything I’ve learned in making this website came from me teaching myself (mostly by accidentally changing something and googling how to fix it). It would be so amazing to learn more about web design and HTML in a more formal setting.

Numerical Analysis

Honestly, I’m not looking forward to this class but it’s required for my major so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Universe: Its Nature and History

I’m not a physics major but I love learning about astronomy (not to be confused with astrology, which I have little to no interest in).

Education as a Social Institution

As a future teacher, I’m really excited to learn more about what education is based on in society. How is education structured? What are my responsibilities as a teacher? How does education in the U.S. compare to education in other countries?

Hopefully my Spring classes will serve as motivation to end this semester on a strong note. We’ll see.

looking ahead to spring semester at nyu

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