Three Museums in Three Days


In a last-ditch effort to make the most of what remains of Winter Break, I spent the past three days at a different museum each day.

Wednesday: Metropolitan Museum of Art

metropolitan museum of art

Thursday: Rubin Museum of Art

rubin museum of art

Friday: Whitney Museum of American Art

whitney museum of art; keith haring ignorance=fear

I forgot to take a picture of the Whitney from the outside so here’s Keith Haring’s                          Ignorance = Fear/Silence = Death.

I had been to all of these museums before but I really enjoy revisiting the same exhibitions. Each visit is different, even if some of the artwork is the same. I’m the kind of person who researches the artist after seeing their work so I find that in taking a second look, I often notice new things. It’s really fascinating to look at an artist’s work after learning about what their life was like at the time of making a certain piece. It makes me wonder what effects those real-life events had on their art.